Here is what just some of our wonderful clients have had to say!


Thank you for all of your hard work in creating such a successful estate sale from start to finish.  You were careful, respectful, easy to work with.  You and your team communicated clearly and promptly.  I have never seen Lost Valley Lane have so much activity on the days you ran the sale.  You displayed the owners possession with care, beauty and dignity.
~ Many Thanks, Karalyn



Don and I got to witness a lot of  just what kind of business and how much of a hard worker Christina is, a few years ago, when she and her company worked for a neighbor of our’s.  She is so knowledgeable, stages the home neatly, and cleanly, and is so personable, too!

I got to know her when I sold antiques & collectibles, and would frequent her sales almost every time she had one, over the last 20 years.  Of all the businesses I have gotten to know such as hers, I felt she was the “fairest of them all”!

I would, and have recommended her to those who needed to have an estate sale.  The best!

~Don and Beverly Bowker



Thank you Christina for a very professional sale. We were very impressed with everything that you did for us. The house was staged wonderfully, the house was left very clean, and we were very impressed with the check that we received for the stuff that sold. Also grateful for the recommendation as to where we could donate the stuff that didn’t sell. They took everything that was left, and we get a tax deduction. Would not hesitate to recommend you and your services to anyone!! Thank you! 🙂

~Pepper and Joe Smelser



As the Trustee of a large estate in Florence, I interviewed several estate sale professionals to conduct a sale at the Christina Hershey residence. I am so pleased that I decided to enlist Christina’s Estate Sales of Eugene to take on this gigantic task.

Christina Clark and her staff took over from the first day they arrived and did a fantastic job of staging the house, pricing all the numerous items, and even directing traffic to the sale. The professional attitude and care that was given to the many family heirlooms, antiques and treasures was exemplary. She and her entire staff were pleasant to work with and the sale was very successful. The house was left in immaculate condition, with over 90% of the items sold. To top it all off, Christina’s check to the estate far exceeded the amount anticipated.

I highly recommend Christina’s Estate Sales to anyone who is facing the daunting task of settling a large estate or an estate of any size.

~With much appreciation, Maria McConnell



I have been to several of Christina’s Estate Sales with my husband when we first move to Veneta, Or. I always thought Christina & her staff were very professional & her sales were great & price very well. Never thinking that one day I would be having one, but when my husband pass away unexpectedly. And I knew that I had to down size & move to Ca. I didn’t hesitate to call her. She came to my house & was very professional but yet concern about my feelings & my loss. I had to move to Ca before the estate sale but I was not worried about anything because I knew Christina & her staff would do a excellent job. And I was right she set up everything & made it look great, and the sale was a big success. When the sale was over she left my house spotless, & ready for new owners. I would recommend her for any estate sale. She is the best around town. Plus she is a very caring person about your things & your feelings. Thanks Christina for everything!

~Linda Taylor



Christina and her staff were absolute professionals and sweethearts who went above and beyond for me at every step.  Could not recommend more highly!

~Ann & Frank Gibson



After a number of years of coming to your sales as a customer and seeing how well you handled everything I had decided that when the time came I would have you handle a sale for me. When the time did come I contacted you and am glad I did. You did everything you said you would do and even exceeded what I expected. You and your staff were very efficient and professional, which I have seen as a customer. As a client I was even more pleased at how well things were handled. Even after the sale was over and I entered the house to clean the remaining items out and I found everything clean and neatly organized making my job so much easier. I was truly impressed with how well you handled the entire sale.

~Dave Hardie



Thank you so very much in handling my Mother’s estate sale. From setup to tear down and clean up you and your crew were professional throughout. I greatly appreciate the way you handled the whole affair. Preparation, advertising, running the sale, cleanup and accounting, The only thing I had to do was take the larger than expected check to the bank.

~Harry B Houchins



I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding job you did with my recent estate sale. During an extremely challenging and stressful time, in that I was leaving my City of Eugene, Assistant City Manager position and employer of almost ten years to move across country to accept a City Manager position in Gaithersburg, MD, you exhibited the utmost flexibility, professionalism and sensitivity in addressing my needs. I especially appreciated how easy you made the transition for me in the clarity in which you stated the roles and responsibilities associated with the disposition of my possessions. Your commitment to excellence and your professional awareness practically guaranteed a successful sale. I was very impressed with your performance from start to finish. The proceeds from the sale are attributable totally to your ability to present my house in the best possible manner. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and I owe it all to you!

I am not usually one to recommend someone unless I have complete confidence in their ability to perform. You are one of those rare exceptions! If I can ever be of service to you, do not hesitate to call on me.

~Angel Jones

City Manager,City of Gaithersburg



You have no idea how much you have helped our family out! The hours and hours you must have put into cleaning and sorting through our mom’s possessions was such a relief to us and the follow up on getting the house ready for sale is also appreciated. The house appears to be sold and the final transfer will take place on Friday, October 3rd.

~The Children of Aletha Parks



We were really happy with every aspect of your work.  Couldn’t believe the clean garage, shop, also clean carport.  I praise and recommend your work.  The house sold before being advertised and we’re more than comfortable to be here in our new home.  Your work helped us so much.  Cheers!

~Jean Smith



I had the pleasure of meeting Christina the summer of 2003. She came to our rescue after my great uncle passed away. He was quite the pack rat and his 1920’s Craftsman Bungalow home with full basement and attic, as well as several out buildings was filled to the rafters, and then some and we were very much over our heads! Christina came to the house, did a walk through and told us “Yes. You have enough for a good estate sale”. After that we were off and running….actually, SHE was off and running! We could finally get some rest knowing that my great-uncles property was in the capable hands of Christina. The sale was an amazing success and we were thrilled and shocked with how the house looked when she was finished with it! We have been friends with Christina ever since and have taken her into our family! She has done two more sales for our family since then with the same amount of zeal and excellent results. We couldn’t have asked for more from her and her team.

~Anna Marie Bird



…we do enjoy coming to your sales, always a class act!!!  I got to speak to Christina and we surely enjoyed that bit of getting to meet her…she is just a doll!!!  Looking forward to many more years of sales, just so we can pack our houses full so when we have to downsize we can call you guys!! :o)

~Dana Tallman



I was pleased to see how much you were able to get for the car and pleasantly surprised at how much of the estate’s belongings you were able to dispose of.

Thanks for your pleasant approach to the business. I thought your staff persons were most pleasant and helpful, too.

~Lloyd Kumley



Christina is very professional, detail oriented, thorough and timely.  My father’s estate was in Springfield, Oregon and living in Pensacola, Florida I relied wholly on Christina to catalog the contents of the estate, advertise the sale, clean the home, shop and garage then conduct the sale for four days.  In addition, I really appreciated the fact that Christina advised me in advance that it would be beneficial to have a dumpster available for the refuse and arranged for the dumpster to be dropped off then picked up.  Christina provided a full listing of all of the items sold in the estate sale, along with the check within ten days after the sale was complete.  I appreciated the fact that Christina told me exactly what to expect and then took the initiative to complete everything in a very timely and organized manner.

Without reservation, I would recommend Christina’s Estate Sales to anyone wishing to expedite an estate sale with very little oversight and maximum return on the cost.

~Gail Poindexter



I want to thank you for the wonderful job that you did with the Estate Sale for Schram’s Antiques.  I was looking for someone who was honest and also had the knowledge of Antiques to do this sale, you proved to be very knowledgeable.  It was a very hard decision for me to make to close my shop after twenty seven years, but you were a big help and very compassionate, when I walked out the door I know I had put it in the hands of the right person.  I have watched you since you first started twelve years ago and you had a lot of competition but you are one of the best.  I would recommend you and your Estate Service to anyone.

~Charmalee Schram

Schram’s Antiques



Just as a little note to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the sale at 47175 Goodpasture Rd.  The service you provide is fantastic in difficult times.  Thanks again.

~Cheri A. Fuller



Christina did the estate sale for me in Feb. 2000.  It was a very hard sale to do.  She did do a wonderful job and I am very happy with the outcome of it.  She is very honest and a straight shooter.  I would recommend her to anybody who would need to have a sale.

~Linda Egbert



Thanks so much for the professional service in our recent sale.  You and your staff conducted the planning, pricing, and clean up after the sale in an outstanding manner.  Sandy and I have recommended you to several of our friends that are considering doing a sale.  Again thanks for your skilled service.

~Dick Clark



I moved from my home of 38 years near Junction City to a retirement center.  I interviewed several ‘estate sales’ people.  “Christina’s Estate Sales” was picked because her policies more fit my ideas for the disposal of my things; many were family heirlooms.  I was completely satisfied with her services.  She treated my things as if they were her own.  I heard many compliments from friends and relatives concerning how orderly the sale was managed.

~Gayle D. Strome



I can highly recommend Christina’s Estate Sales.  The manner with which my sale was handled was most satisfactory from the beginning to the end of it.  I appreciated the interest Christina took and the personal service she gave in making sure the sale was a success.

~Margaret C. Carter



Just wanted to let you know that your professionalism and exceptional courtesy as an estate dealer are appreciated.  I don’t go to a lot of sales, but I’ve gone to sales hosted by all the major estate dealers over the last several years and by far and away, you treat your customers the best.  Thanks for making the effort to do that.  I’m sure it’s not always easy when demands pull you in hundreds of different directions during a sale, especially at the beginning when the crowd is eager to get started.  But your extra effort is being noticed and I’m sure appreciated by others as well!

~Steve Miller